My email to Chris

Dear Chris

I hope you are in good condition. Acctually i have tried to find you on Facebook. But I failed. I want to share it on facebook because i used to use it. Then, if im not mistake i cant find step 6 “To This Gallery”. Can you circle it in the image that you attached?.

My first week was wonderful. The lecturer are competent and know how to teach us. The homework that make us get rush and buzy. For the several days that we’ve just arrived i got some problem with my stomach because the foods are different. Today my condition is better.

My weekend was great. We went to ohio statehouse. The greatest moment was when i was being an accidental guest service. An old man came when i had sit on the chair that supposed to the guest service officer. There was no guest service there. So i just convince my self to help that family. The old lady ask me about the rooms that they can explored, so i gave her a hand guied book and explained the rooms there. Dr. Krzic was there and saw the things that happened. After that Dr Krzic asked the family, ” is he polite? did he serve you well?” he asked. The family anwered, ” he was nice and helpful” ” Thank you, we train him”. Then he took my picture.
that’s all folk. hahahah


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