Welcome to Ping Center (don’t compare it with gym in Darmaga)

The Ping Center is one of the largest recreational facilities in the country. Covering 168,000 square feet on three floors, Ping houses a 36 foot, double-sided climbing wall, five basketball/volleyball courts, two multipurpose gymnasiums, an elevated four-lane indoor running track, eight racquetball courts and an enclosed glass fitness area. Ping Center also provides free weights, aerobics, fitness, combative sports, dance, and meeting rooms. The facility is open to university students, faculty/staff, and alumni.

The mission of the Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center is to provide students, faculty, staff, and alumni with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment while supporting the various program areas within the Division of Campus Recreation. The Ping Center promotes healthy lifestyle choices by offering recreational and fitness opportunities which enhances the education experience.

The building is fully accessible and ADA compliant which includes:
Handicap parking adjacent to the facility.
Ground floor entry doors equipped with electric door openers.
Wheelchair access to floors 1-3 via elevator.
Wheelchair accessible bathrooms.
Wheelchair accessible showers and shower seat in locker rooms.
Wheelchair accessible lavatories with recessed work surface.
Braille signage for visually impaired indicating room numbers.
ADA resistance equipment.

Let’s take a look inside!

1. Jogging Track

2. Rock Climbing Wall

3. Martial Arts Room

4. Racquett Ball Courts

5. Cardio Lookout

6. Aerobic Machine Room

7. Free Weight Room

8. Multipurpose Courts

This is my favorite courts because we use it as a indoor soccer, badminton, and basketball court. We usually play indoor soccer here once a week.

9. Equipment Desk

we can borrow everything here ^^

Those are the facilities that we can access in Ping Center. In addition there are some other recreational facilities in Ohio University such as golf court, swimming pool, tennis court, volley beach field, etc. The good news is we can access all of it without any charge.

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