Difficulties One May Face Living in Another Country

People have moving to the other countries for several hundred years.  In the early century people moved to find new food resources. After the Industrial Revolution people moved to another country to get a job, to find new land for farming or to get freedom from political and religious persecution. Today people move to another country commonly for educational reasons. They decide to live in another country to get a better education. Either in the past or today, living in another country is not as easy as living in our own country. There are some difficulties one may face living in another country, such as different food, socializing, and different type of toilet.

The first difficulty one may face living in another country is the unique foods from its country. Some people do not have any passion to eat because they are not used to the foods. The staple foods in another country can be different from ones country. Some countries use rice or corn as their staple food, but others use another kind, such as wheat, sago, or cereal. Although the main foods are the same, the spices could be different and it makes the food has a different taste. If you are a Muslem, sometimes it is not easy to find halal food. You must be careful when you are choosing the food you want to eat. You must look to the ingredients or ask the waitress about the food if you not sure it is halal or not.

Besides the foods, socializing is one more difficulty. Making friends could be a little bit difficult because in some countries people are individuals. They do not want to spend a lot of time to have a conversation and just focus on the target that they want to achieve. Making friends can be also difficult if do you not know the rules on physical contact or closeness in the country you live. In the Islamic world you can not touch or contact to another person freely. A man and woman that does not come from the same family are prohibited to shake hands and other physical contacts. In some countries you can not take pictures freely. You must have permission first from the one that you want to take their pictures. Another difficulty to become socialized in another country is the language. A language has more than one dialect in one country. It is not easy for everyone to catch what people are talking about if they are not used to the dialect that people use.  Besides that there are a lot of slang words that people use in daily speaking. Slang words are informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker’s language. Using slang words can help you easier to become socialized

In addition to the food and socializing, different  ways of cleaning and types of toilet structures often makes one feel uncomfortable living in another country. In some countries they have wet toilets but in other countries they have the dry one. The wet toilet is commonly called as latrine and widespread used in third world countries. The toilet is humid and sometimes messy. It needs a lot of water to flush and clean the dirty things. For the people that usually use the dry toilet, using wet toilet can be inconvenient. Different from the wet toilet, the dry toilet is widespread in Europe and America. This type is usually called as modern plumbing. It needs a lot of tissue to wash. Modern plumbing is more practical and fast but for people that usually use the latrine sometime it feels not clean.

There are some factor that one may face living in another country, such as foods, socializing, and different type of toilets. In a word, people that are living in another country must learn and adapt quickly to the situation in their living place since they could failed in their study or work.


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