My Immersion Class

This is my class in Ohio University, take a look this picture below

(from left to right) Ivy, lupa, Element, Agung, Amy, Cici, Cai, Jason, Rain, Ester, Anna Wolf, me) There are two other who did not come.

We got an placement test and campus orientation on the first day in Ohio University. The result sent me to AE 52D, the same class as Agung and Ester. The next day we went to the class. We had three classes every day which are Reading Class 9.00-10.00, Listening, Note Taking, Speaking (LNS) Class 10.00-11.00, and Core Class (12.00-15.00). The picture above is my core class.

Every class has different objectives. The objective of Reading class is to enhance student’s ability in speed of reading and comprehension. Different with reading class, LNS class focus on three main objectives which are listening, note taking, and speaking. Core class is quite similar with reading coz in this class we also learn about reading but also grammar and writing.

My immersion class consists of just two nation : Indonesian and Chinese. The Chinese students are going to study in academic class in Ohio University, but they must fulfill some requirement before they have their seat. One of them is to fulfill the minimum TOEFL score at particular field of study. Differ from the the Chinese, Indonesian students won’t go to the academic class. Our program just push us to study well and finish exam at the end of program.

Although we came from different country, we did not find any difficulty to make a friendship. We share each other about our own culture and tradition. We had a lot of conversation during the break and outside the class. I told them about Bali and Komodo island. They taught me about how to count in Chinese.

There’s also another interesting thing about Chinese student, which is their names. My Chinese friends have two different name. The first one is their original name and the second one is their American name. Here are some example Cai –> Stanley   Yang Meng –> Ivy etc. The reason why they have American name is just to make easier for others to call their names. It is a fact that is not easy to say a word that foreign for you. Beside Stanley and Ivy, there are also Element, Rain, Jason, Amy, Ardell, and Cici.

This immersion class was very helpful for us to understand the diversity of culture in the world. It helped us to open our mind, receive their culture and respect to it. I also believe that they also very thankful to the class so that they could knew us and our culture

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