Why do we write?

Prehistory was ended when human can write. They wrote and drew on the wall of the cave, on the leaves, on the stones, and many more. The initial human writing was much more different from today’s writing but they contain some same reasons that still never change thus far. People write to inform something to the others, to entertain, to persuade, and so on.

The most common reason for people to write is to inform something. This is the answer why we have newspapers, magazines, books, any other kind of printing. They inform about what happen in daily life, how to make a good cooking, why we make a bank account and any other information.

Some people do writing activities to entertain themselves and people around them. They write poems, short stories, novels, pictures, and cartoons. Jules Verne, Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Enid Blyton, and Pramoedya Anantatoer are names that already well known as a great novelist and writer. They are not just entertain the reader but they go much further by inspiring us through their words.

Writing also can help us to persuade people. We can offer our perspective and gain much more support through writing. Obama used his books to offer his concept to the Americans. Al Gore persuade people to fight against climate change through writing. Hatta wrote Indonesia Vrij in Holland to push Indonesian independence. They proved to us that writing really effective to make a change.

For me writing is an art of giving. I do believe that every words we write can give benefits to the other and writing is an art not just an effort to combine letters. This reason makes  me never feel tired to keep writing. So, how about you? Why do you write?

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