After One Year Passed

April 3rd, 2010 I began my new wonderful story in Ohio, USA. I have lived there for 8 weeks with other 19 students. We gained a lot of experience there. We met a lot of inspiring people, visited many interesting places, and did a lot of activities there. On 29 May on the same year we went back to Indonesia. After we arrived, each of us were responsible to share our knowledge and experience. Our mission is to inspire much more in Indonesian student and help them to open their mind to a brand new perspective. We realize and believe that Indonesian student can do many things that maybe they have never realized before and we have our own way to do our mission.

My way is writing and speaking. After one year passed I’ve written my experience in this blog, Media Indonesia, Koran Kampus and other media. In addition, I also come to many seminars and talk shows to speak with audience and motivate them to do better than what we’ve done. Along with those experience, I realized that this mission is not finished yet. I’m going to write a book so that my story will be everlasting and spread away easier.

I also glad that I have 5 juniors who was selected by the committee to join IELSP. They are Fik (UI), Adhil (ITB), Suci, Riska, and Rahman (IPB). Some of them are already in USA right now and some others still waiting their departure. I am very proud of them. I hope there will be much more Indonesian students who can get opportunity just like this scholarship. It is not just about going abroad but this is about an effort to put our puzzle to a huge picture of better and wealthier Indonesia. 

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