Alden Library, Ohio University


Park Place, or 2nd floor, entry to Alden Library

This was one of my most favorite place in Ohio University. This library is very huge with comprehensive collection. In weekday it’s open 24 hours, so can still doing your assignment even it’s already in very early morning. However, in weekend you just can access it until dark (I don’t remember the exact schedule). If you don’t have any laptop, don’t worry it has a lot of PC plus printer and scanner. All you need is just your OAK ID and it’s all free except printing and copying.

If you want to do your assignment with your friends and need to discuss with them, you can reserve a group study room. 9 glassed-in rooms each have a whiteboard, and most have LCD projectors which may be connected to laptop computers. Rooms may be reserved online for three-hour blocks of time at Group Study Room Reservations page. An Ohio Univesity ID card is needed to use the rooms.

There is also a student writing center where you can meet a staff who can help you to write a good writing. He will help you through brainstorming, editing, and grammar checking.

The reason why this library is special for me is Southeast Asia Center. This is one of the most comprehensive Southeast Asia studies collection that America has ever had. In this section area, I found a lot of novel from Indonesia such as Bumi Manusia, Anak Semua Bangsa and even the brand new successful novel : Ketika Cinta Bertasbih part 1 and 2. We also can find a lot of newspapers and magazine that published in Indonesia here.

 Picture of statuette in the Center for International Collections

Alden library also provides various collection such as fine arts, children collection, leisure books, and governmental document.


Fine Arts Collections                                                              Governmental Documents

Another reason why this library is so special is the presence of Media Library. I often borrowed many films and video there from the classic one to the brand new released. The Media Library has a collection of over 30,000 audio and visual media titles, in various formats such as video and DVD, audio and CD-ROM.

For the disable students, there is a special room that can help them access a lot of information. This room is called the G. Lynn Shostak Adaptive Equipment Room which has a computer, a scanner and a Braille printer. Software on the computer includes: DragonSpeak, TextHelp, and Kurzweil

Picture of the Adaptive Equipment Disabilities Room.

Finally if you are hungry or thirsty you can stop at a cafe inside the library. You can offer a cup of coffee, tea,and other beverages there.

Alden Library 2nd floor entryIf you have a question or need help just meet a staff at Learning Commons.

Librarian at Learning Commons service desk

One thought on “Alden Library, Ohio University

  1. zaza says:

    eh, setelah aku amat2i, aku juga suka perpus LSI. itu aku baru sadar setelah nongkrong sekian tahun di sana. seru, aku nemu tempat favorit di situ.
    hmm…kalo di kamarku, Ran. ada gambar perpus Tokyo University.
    hohoho, gak tahu kapan nih nyampe sana:)

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