Heart Self Conversation

Dear Heart, How’s life today?
It’s been a long time not talking with you
I just want to greet you and make sure that you’re fine tonight

Different from the last time I met you,
you looked so anxious
what happened to the sky
so that the earth feels the quake?
Is it the increase of global temperature made you sweaty
or the black cloud who invites the tornado made your eyes couldn’t closed

to be honest to you it’s not global temperature nor black cloud
it’s just butterfly that flew in front of my door
who left its color by purpose
I just wonder how it could be
and why it took this way
or this just only a mirage
that brought mist in front of the door
that promise me a drink but nothing

but for you know
I already on the coaster
it lift me up to follow the color
but it seemed derailed
and I know it could be

now I see the surface
beautiful and magnificent up here
but the gravity can promise me the way back to earth
with hurt

Dear Heart, I know that you were not seeking for a color
cause I know that you’re colorblind
but the butterfly came
and you are just an amateur child
I know how does if feel
though you covered it up

remember, only in Him we believe
only with Him we strong
cause there’s no more like Him
only Him

turn on your night
whisper the confession and supplication
cause only Him who can let the east raise the sun
the stars heal the moon’s loneliness

In this very fragile heart,
don’t let the roller coaster bring u up then make u falling down.
Just believe in God and He will show you the way

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