It’s a hello for 2014 — Shanghai Story

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It’s been months since my last post on this blog, there are too many excuses to mention but that’s the fact. Yeah it’s a hello for 2014. This is my first post in 2014 and you know what it’s already at the end of April. In this post I want to share you my happiness instead of those excuses.

My wife and I just arrived from Shanghai two weeks ago. It was a worderful days and nights in Shanghai. We went to several amazing spot, portrayed wonderful sceneries, ate unforgetable lamien. My wife has been already there for a week before I flew from Jakarta, had transfered flight in Hongkong and arrived safely in Pudong International Airport. On 12th April, I steped my foot for the first time in China. The chilling wind blew my entusiasm up and the smile did not want to go over from my face. I directly went to the subway metro line. This aim of transportation is one of the backbone of Shanghai’s transportation. It has more than 15 lines and maybe more than a hundred stations. Sometimes it is under the surface, paralel with the road, or even go uplift on above the road.

My first spot was the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. It is a huge building that contains a lot of attraction and shows related with science and technology. The thing made me amazed was the intention of the local goverment to make many “park”. Park that I mention here it’s not park literally but also a science park. In this museum we can see and learn more than 20 parks in shanghai. Each park has different focused of development. Some of them develop material technolohy, whereas other focused on automotive. There are also parks that develop bioscience, IT, telecomunication and so on. There are also several attraction in this museum, such as robot show, animal spot, artificial rainforest and many more.

The ambience was becoming freezing each second. At 22.30 I met my wife at the Pearl Hotel, where we lived while staying in Shanghai. I was hungry and thirsty to death at that time. A glass of chocolate that I bought at lobby was enough to fulfill my stomach. After had a glass of noodle and a slice of bread we went to bed.

On the following day, we directly go to the metro line after had our breakfast and a short talks with Mr Muslich, Mrs Yani, and Mr Mira on our breakfast table. We jump out of the metro at the People Square Station. We directly explore the traffic with a map in our hands. Incidently, after searched out more than 10 minutes we found our first destination. Shanghai Madame Tussauds. We queued in a line to buy the 150 RMB entrance ticket. I was surprised that the building that we expected as the whole museum was actually a shopping centre. The museum itself “just” only one floor but believe me it’s huge 🙂 Inside the museum we met Jackie Chan, Obama, Lady Gaga, Michael Jordan,The Beckhams, Einstein, Captain America and many more. No need to ask, it was millions of portrayed hehehe

Not far from the Madame Tusaaud lies The Shanghai Museum. This museum mostly contain the heritage of China such us statue, painting, printing, furniture, chinese currency, clothing, and pottery. For my lovely wife, it was a full boring museum but for me it was like “eureka!!!”. Once again, this country is very serious to maintain their heritage and make sure the knowlegde of their culture is being transfered well to their ancestor. This museum is seriouly made me envy and keep asking when my country has similar museum like this. It’s a question for us to answer.

Satisfied with the museum, we went to shopping centre under the People’s Park. We bougt some bags at the Mr Bob’s shop. At 5 sharp we met Jemila. She picked up us by taxi to a halal restaurant. After 15 minutes we arrived at a Moslem-Chinese restaurant, named Xinjiang. The name of the restaurant is the exactly the same with a province in Northwest China that has the biggest number of Moslem citizen in the whole country. We ate lamb, shrimp, soup, yoghurt, satay, nasi kebuli and many more. While we’re eating the restaurant showed us traditional dance from Xinjiang. We were full, tired but happy.

Shanghasi Madame Tussaud

Shanghai Museum

to be continued


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