Native American Influences on Modern American Culture

An essay has three main parts: an introduction (introductory paragraph), a body (at least one, but usually two or more paragraphs), and a conclusion (concluding paragraph). This essay below is an example of essay with a good organization. Check it out! When the first Europeans began to settle the North American continent, they encountered a … Continue reading

My Goodwill Speech

Assalamu alaikum Wr Wb Good Morning Everybody In this special occasion I want to say thank you to all sponsors who has helped us, the Goodwillers, so that we can continue our study and being a better and competitive student. Then I thank to Ibu Mien as the Chairperson of Yayasan Goodwill International and our … Continue reading

Writing in Mass Media

Language and Meaning

Of very great importance to college students is the fact that language is a vital shaping force in their personal, social, academic, and professional lives. Every time they read or listen, they are using English: knowledge about facts, ideas, values, and human experience comes to them largely through the spoken and written word. Every time … Continue reading