I met him last year in Durham Islamic Finance Summer School. Now he is one of my friends who has inspired me with what he believes and does.

As a non muslim who lives in China where Islamic financial realm is still infant, choosing Islamic finance for a higher degree of study and bringing an Islamic idealism is naive for me if not a destiny or hidayah. After his struggle, last year he graduated from Bangor University who offers one of the best Islamic Finance program in the UK.

His quest was not stopped at that point. It was not about getting a degree and back to conventional finance job. He went to Bahrain to continue his quest to know closer what Islamic finance is. Unfortunately, it was not fun as he expected. However, his dissappointment did not stop his step. He went to Indonesia to find a way to get his Phd in Islamic finance via contacting one of our professor. He is still working on it now, to embrace whatever adventure Islamic finance offers for him

By the way, he chose this quest with consequnce to lose the opportunity to inherit his parent company. Whatever it is, Allah knows the best. And he is not my twin brotherĀ