4 means death

The idea of this post acctually came up to my mind when I was in the elevator to my office. When I looked to the panel there’s something missing on it. The panel has several buttons that represents each floor. B for basement, 1 for 1st floor, 2 for 2nd floor, so on up till 25th floor. There isn’t any number 4 on the panel but actually the building has the “4th floor”. Instead of using 4 to represent 4th floor the owner of the building using 3A. Do you know why?

In chinese number system, 4 is pronounced as si which is the same pronoun like death (si). This is the reason why many buildings in Asia do not have 4th floor. Most of the owner of the building believe that using 4 to represent 4th floor can bring unclucky things to their building.

But there’s something that made me amaze about this phenomena. Although it lies in USA, Ohio University doesn’t have number four on it’s campus map. I guess that the campus management believe to the same myth.

So what do you think as the young Moslem about this phenomena?

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